Rohan Shares Impressive “Leave Me Alone” Record

Rising Toronto artist Rohan recently released his single “Leave Me Alone.” With a catchy hook that instantly has you singing along, the song expresses the inner-outer dialogues we all have with ourselves. “Leave Me Alone” has a pop structure with a Lo-Fi R&B appealing to the likes of many. Furthermore, we see a struggle between the “angel” on one shoulder and “devil” on the other.

In today’s social media era, especially this generation, everyone has mastered being an “antisocial extroverts.” They want to connect but are justifiably afraid of judgment, criticism, and pressure. Rohan impressively addresses these negative influences on the hook. “Leave Me Alone” arrives months removed from “Goon” and serves as a prelude to Rohan’s forthcoming project. Check out the song below.

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