Rod Wave Drops “Bottom Boy Survivor”

Rod Wave’s voice is so beautiful and uplifting in “Bottom Boy Survivor” that I could glue my eyes shut and get lost in listening. Luckily for my eyes, the video which released last night is just as captivating. The song gets its power from Rod Wave emotive singing and poignant lyrics. They perfectly complement a guitar-laden, breezy beat courtesy of TNT, Yung Tago, & Trillo.

With over 100K views in the first couple of days, it is clear that Rod Wave is ready to blow. His Florida upbringing is shown throughout the visual. The trippy video never gives your mind a break. The mini-movie is just as tantalizing as his flow. Many artists are pushing for their chance to be seen. Rod Wave is staying in his pocket and growing a robust organic base.

In the video, Rod returns home to Florida, standing tall as grainy, dreamy images of his old neighborhood scroll by on the screen. Moreover, they represent a past that is paradoxically unescapable but also well behind him and not a part of his present station in life. “Bottom Boy Survivor” is the concluding track of PTSD, his recent mixtape.

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