Rocko Ballin Pours His Heart Out On Highly Anticipated EP LUCKY LAST BORN VOL. II

Back when Hip-Hop was a battle between East or West, music was about who brought the heat both in and out of the booth; years later and the principle is still the same with an added element. Who can bring a new style of rap to the table? New York has continued to be the mecca of fashion, pillar of influence, and the inspiration behind some of music’s best. One of New York’s emerging artists, Rocko Ballin, has been making headway in the Drill&B scene and his latest EP, Lucky Last Born Vol II, is a testament to the type of pressure Ballin is applying in Hip-Hop.

The first installation of his EP series Lucky Last Born was a culmination of raw, gritty emotion interlaced with real life experiences propelling Ballin into creating a masterpiece that set the tone for records to come. An introduction that created the path for Lucky Last Born Vol II to become the highly anticipated predecessor to Rocko Ballin’s debut. Most artists tend to stray away from revealing some of their most coveted secrets to maintain a persona.

Lucky Last Born Vol II is a perfectly crafted template of what any artist’s debut EP should feel and sound like. From beginning to end, Ballin takes us along his journey of coming from nothing and turning it into something. Acknowledging his triumph and pain in a way that is far from cliche. Each record is a piece of him, a different chapter out of the book of Rocko Ballin.

Be sure to check out Rocko Ballin’s new EP, Lucky Last Born Vol II, on all streaming platforms and connect with him on social media for all updates.

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