Roc Writah Has A Underrated Pen From Charm City

Baltimore’s Roc Writah is a name to keep tabs on

Roc Writah implores a unique style akin to the area he was raised in, Baltimore city. He’s not an overly street emcee or somebody trying to be more artsy but middle grounded and that’s okay. His bars are akin to the flow of Pusha T with the mellowness of J. Cole. A distinct combination that makes him his own artist.

What makes that unique is that his content is similar to Drake which is one of a kind. While Aubrey can procure bars about the emotions of men, most men can’t and that’s Roc’s biggest strength. Since he’s maturing into manhood and his relationship with his girl, Writah has been working on transparency.

Artists like Drake can resonate and dominate the Billboards is because his can make clever metaphors about relatable sh*t. He’s not overly complicit about the beat. He just goes with the flow perfectly with relying on it. My generation views him in high regards because of it. I aspire for that level of artistry one day.

Roc Writah

His latest body of work, ‘Pisces,’ culminates his experiences in life through his horoscope. According to Astrology, a Pisces “knows” things from deep within, and can often judge whether a person or situation is good or bad; a point of emphasis made throughout the LP in multiple ways. His artistry mixes with his mindset effortlessly and through the track list, it shows.

Roc being in his mid 20s has common issues of trust and bonding as of the most of his generation which listeners can enjoy with his latest work. Add in clever wordplay and nice beat selection, you got an underrated gem from Baltimore. ‘Pisces’ is available on all platforms and should put Roc Writah smooth into your daily rotation.

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