Robert Martino Is a Hip Hop Thoroughbred

The modern era of rap is witnessing the rise of the next super star emcee to breath life back into the soul of hip hop.

Robert Martino is the 24-year-old lyricist that has the rap community in a heated debate about his status as the next lyrical genius of the music industry. Repping the city of Boston Massachusetts, the Emcee comes from a line of goats inspired by wordsmiths like Nas, Biggie, Jay-Z, Wu-Tang, Big L, Eminem, Herb McGruff, Mac Miller, Kendrick Lamar, Black Thought and Logic.

Robert Martino has the bloodline of greatness, and his competence as a lyricist is clear to anyone hearing the complexities within his rhyme scheme bars. On the shoulders of his talents rests the vision of being the spark that sets the soul of hip hop back on fire. Robert Martino’s craft is the highlight of this generation’s class of rappers, and the recognition has been pouring out from veterans and newcomers in the rap game. He has been rocking out concerts with mainstream artists and spitting real rap to thousands of fans at venues like Great Scott, The Middle East Upstairs & Downstairs, The Palladium, The House of Blues, and The Higher Ground among others.

Robert Martino’s repertoire of tracks attained a new height of the artform with the release of his album, “The Return of The King” over the last year. The project places him in the group of classic albums like Illmatic, The Blueprint, and Ready to Die. “The Return of The King” is another step in Robert Martino’s journey to revitalizing the spirit of lyricism within hip hop. Already he is arguably one of the greatest rappers in the game and those conversations will only grow in popularity as he continues to create lyrically charged tracks aimed at giving CPR to the industry.

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“Return of The King”:

Taken By: Curran MacDonald

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