Rob $tone Taps Dom Kennedy For “No Handshakes“

Rob $Tone and Dom Kennedy are a good combination

Rob $tone is a star coming out of the West Coast, and now he taps Los Angeles’ own Dom Kennedy for his new single titled No Handshakes. Stemming off the momentum of his previous release, “All 9 Innings,” which served as the anthem for the San Diego Padres home games.

Also, “I Love It” featuring Rubi Rose, and “GOSSIP” featuring Too $hort, this new record pays homage to California as a whole; the unmatched weather, beautiful women, and undeniable swag. 

Speaking on the record, Rob states, “This record is crazy special to me! Dom’s a real solid dude & legend in the game so to gain his respect; and have him rock with me the way he does means a lot. I’d been working on my album BONA FIDE for a minute and when I sent this one to Dom. He said ‘this the one for real,’ and sent his part back in a few hours! I was out at Delilah when he sent it and instantly left the table to go get a good listen to that! Much love and respect to the big homie!”

With more music on the horizon look for $Tone to continue to make a name for himself; out the west coast. “No Handshakes” is available on all streaming platforms. With an infectious sound and swagger, Rob is set for national stardom soon.

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