Rob Run Corleone Drops New Single “Sugaland” Feat. Sean Kingston

Mr. Trap himself is back with another smash. On the grind 24/8, the hits are consistently dropping in overtime. Fresh off the heels of his chart-topping, viral single “Trap”, Rob Run Corleone has followed up with undeniable tracks like “Dope Talk 2” feat. Rick Ross and Kamron Bahani. Nowhe’s teamed up with Sean Kingston for your next playlist must-have. In fact, Rob Run Corleone is trailblazing through 2023!

The Louisville, Kentucky recording artist and CEO has a unique sound and masterful flow. His versatility and consistent drops keep the fans yearning for more. Bar for bar he perfects his craft, each time, giving us more of the flavor we know and love. Stream “Sugaland” feat. Sean Kingston today and be on the look out for all Rob Run Corleone has in store for 2023. Don’t believe me? Press play here at KAZI Magazine on his trendy track titled “Sugaland”! Lastly, let us know what you think!

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