RJM Releases Official Music Video “Psyche”, Freshly Off His Latest Album Poetic Drive

RJM has been noticed as one of East Coast’s most exciting upcoming artists for his storytelling and lyricism.

The upcoming artist delivers a track visually with 90s aesthetics and conceptual meaning. 

“The candles represent not burning yourself out when it comes to worldly issues. Entering deeper within yourself beyond society standards was a focal point to getting back to the true essence of hip hop.” RJM tells us. 

It was an anthem that embraces those who have felt lost in the midst of the pandemic. Being said, it showed the evolution of how RJM has felt internally within his Psyche. Demonstrating martial arts faceless – showed there’s always more to what we see on the outside. Being self-empowered through the arts is a strong quality in RJM’s work. Embracing his past has made him even stronger in the end. 

This track “Psyche” represents moving on and forgiving but never forgetting. He uses pain as motivation to become a better artist of all facets. The movement is strong.

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