Rizzo Is Here To Bring “My Own Lane”

Busting out the Bay Area is the musically creative, Rizzo. The Filipino-American rhymer is not only tapped in with the states but has garnered a fan-base that reaches the international masses. 

“Still Here” To “My Own Lane”

The California-bred artist promoted “Still Here” internationally after it was released, and it was featured on numerous international playlists. As a result, it debuted on Spotify’s Viral 50. Which influenced the sound and cadence of his upcoming EP titled, My Own Lane. Initially the project was named “Great Minds”. As he continued to curate the music he felt the name change was necessary and that “My Own Lane” was more fitting. 

Although his sound is more versatile, Rizzo creating his own lane has enabled him to break barriers. He has been creating music for years but began producing content for the public on digital platforms for only two years now. In a short period of time, Rizzo’s music and artistry has flourished and touched fans worldwide. 

Rizzo continues to get editorial and Spotify recognition for his projects, and is currently on rotation at a number of FM Stations. He is so connected with his roots and heritage and it’s heard in his music. Recently, Rizzo caught the attention of major labels including, Warner Music Philippines. Their continued support has landed his music on the Topsify playlist on Spotify.

What’s Next For Rizzo?

U-NXT, a division label of Universal Music Group has also had their eye on the rising rhymer, and extended an offer for a single deal. Through COVID-19, like artists, it was a great time to tap into their creativity and produce as much great quality music as possible. It also forced creatives to adapt more to social media and virtual performances. In which Rizzo did just that — excelling his career to new heights. 

Stay tuned here at KAZI Magazine for more on Rizzo and his highly anticipated EP titled, My Own Lane. For now follow Rizzo for more musical updates! 


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