Rising Star From Tokyo, Risa Kumon, Is One You Should Get To Know!

If you are a fan of Soul, R&B, and Jazz, Risa Kumon is an artist you should have on your radar. Risa quickly cemented her spot as an R&B, Soul, and Jazz artist, with her unique music style attracting a lot of attention and praise. Her songs have reached the top of the music charts in Japan, the US, and other countries.

Risa Kumon creates calming, melodic, and timeless music. She borrows from different styles to create unique sounds & Visuals that allow her to deliver her message perfectly. While she mainly specializes in R&B, Jazz, and Soul, Risa sings a variety of genres, including Pop, and others. 

Risa Kumon uses music to share her story, show Japan’s beauty, and speak to the world as she encourages and inspires the listener. Risa Kumon discovered her passion for music when she started playing the piano at age three. She had lost her eyesight, and at the time, musical instruments kept her going. Luckily, Risa recovered her vision, but she was diagnosed with an incurable disease called secondary Retinitis Pigmentosa. She sought refuge in music and began listening to more Jazz, Soul, and R&B music.

Risa was drawn to R&B after watching Sister Act 2. She found early inspiration in Mariah Carey, Lauryn Hill, Whitney Houston, and her father, as he used to play jazz. She is now using her music to encourage others.

Risa has released several songs, including her latest track, “FREE”. “Free” explores her sense of freedom from negativity and encourages the listeners to do the same. In the song, Risa fuses classic jazz sensibilities with R&B beats and slow-burning grooving bass to convey her message.

Risa has also done several other projects. She has a project of Christmas covers, several collaborations, and her Jazz EP. Risa has worked with different artists/producers, including RORO(Rolandis “Roro” Ramsey), who she has worked closely with on his album.

Besides being a singer and songwriter, Risa is also a notable multilingual media personality in Japan.  She interviews celebrities and other entertainers on their visits to Japan. Risa Kuman worked as the main host and co-host on top international radio shows in the country, bringing in celebrated artists in Japan and beyond. She has produced numerous shows such as R2 Radio, Risa’s Select, and the newest show “Trendy Pickups By Risa & Roro” starting this month (November 2022). She also interviewed Corinne Bailey Rae, Kirk Franklin, Brian McKnight, and many more.

Her unique music style and impeccable vocals helped her break into the fiercely competitive industry, with many praising her style. Risa performed at some of the largest music shows in Asia. Her goal is to continue creating more inspirational music. Risa Kuman has several projects lined up that she will release in the coming months.

“My plans for the near future are to continue to release and make music and live in the now. Tomorrow isn’t promised, so while I’m here, I’d like to sing to as many people as I can. Music is healing, love, and freedom, and I would like to continue to inspire people and share that with the world. I can see myself traveling to sing for people around the world in the future. My dreams and aspirations are to keep inspiring the world with my music and voice,” Risa says.

Music video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fu3ZRsKWCB8

Streaming: https://lnk.to/RISAKUMONFREE 

Website: https://risakumon.com

Instagram: @RisaKumon

FB: @RisaKumonofficial

TW: @RisaKumon

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