Rising Artist Mischif Drops Off His Wonderful New Album, ‘10’

Complete bodies of work are one of the most exciting things in all of music. Sure, singles can be a lot of fun, and at times even refreshing. But there’s something distinctive about somebody putting a string of songs together like they’re lacing some forces, it’s remarkable. San Diego native Mischif is one of those artists, and his new project, 10 is one of those albums.

At 11 tracks, the length of the project is perfect. At no point does it feel stagnant, boring or uninspired. Instead, Mischif creates a melodic pattern that leads the listeners through the journey of nostalgia, tales of love and overall lyrically driven talent. With, “10 Years”, “Old Flame” and the album’s single, “This Way” serving as the standouts, it’s only a matter of time before 10, and Mischif in general, are regarded as fresh new sounds to be familiar with.

Check out the project below and enjoy the ride.

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