Rishi Releases “Long Ago” for his Official Debut

Mariah Carey’s “Long Ago,” which was released on her 1995 album ‘Daydream,’ has been upgraded by Canadian pop vocalist Rishi, who is making his streaming debut. Because Rishi believed that the song might not be as well-known as her other works, he decided to release his own version of it. The remake was intended to increase the old song’s relevance while maintaining a modern feel – although it has retained its fundamental character. Rishi’s wide vocal range will make for some remarkable performances in future releases, and we are looking forward to seeing more. We anticipate learning more about this mysterious artist as well as Rishi’s future original singles as the year goes on.

Rishi just posted behind-the-scenes footage of the song’s recording process to his YouTube channel. It offers a better sense of this young, talented artist and how he connects to the song. It also gives a better look into who this artist is and why we should be paying attention.

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