Rico Freeman & Boosie BadAzz Get “Gangsta”

Rico Freeman, a master of conveying the story of a young black man in America, brazenly taps into grief, hardship, and going against the odds. Especially on his most recent release, “Gangsta”, he pens a hard-hitting lyrical style that truly explains what made him who he is today. For the new trendy track, Rico taps Boosie Badazz delivering a masterpiece!

After creating his distinct technique, he came to believe that he is a genuine motivator for those who have faced adversity. In fact, he’s been through a lot and draws inspiration from his experiences. He lays his life experiences and messages over hypnotizing production keeping his fans intrigued. Also, he utilizes his music as a voice for the people as well as an outlet. Instead of letting it all get to him, he goes to the studio to lay it all out in the music. 

The Kansas City-bred rhymer is here to put Missouri on the map! Rico is a musician that understands that music is about connecting with people’s emotions. This is thanks to his perfect blend of conscious rap style and story telling ability. Enabling him to resonate with the masses. Additionally, he understands how to deliver significant and memorable material, whether it’s through his viral comedy skits or his music.

The Rise Of Rico Freeman

Rico’s upbringing in Kansas City, Missouri, made it tough for him to keep his head above water. His story is unlike any other rapper’s as his mother was extremely addicted to drugs and his father was slain when he was a child. As a result, he was in and out of foster homes and schools. Which caused him to suffer the agony of being lost and without hope. Not letting the setbacks take a hold of his life, he made for a bigger and better comeback! His life changed for the better once he saw his first viral video on the internet. This comes on the heels of the positive feedback garnered from social media after users were captivated by videos of him doing his daughter’s hair.

Keepin’ It Gangsta

Rico Freeman has a classic on his hands with rap icon Boosie Badazz, which currently has 79K+ views on YouTube. The Kansas City, Missouri-based artist delivers exactly what we’re hoping for in the visual. The two paint the perfect picture of everything the single stands for.

Their visual has a theatrical vibe to it. Boosie and Rico share a scene in an interrogation room. The duo are seen going back and forth about why society portrays them as gangsters. In addition, Rico Freeman is most known for his story-driven rap approach. He enlists super producers Meez Martin and Pretty Boi Beats to tag team and created magic! Which resulted in the recording of the song “Gangsta” in June 2019. While Boosie brought his badazz energy as per usual, Rico held his own alongside the Louisiana legend.

Since, the record has received a lot of attention and effectively laid the groundwork for his newly founded music career. Don’t believe me? Take a look at Rico Freeman’s newest offering titled “Gangsta” featuring Boosie Badazz. Lastly, let us know what you think here at KAZI Magazine


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