Rick Bars and Jazzy Amra get “De Lo Mio”

Rick Bars and Jazzy Amra hits the Top 100 YouTube charts with new collaboration track 

“Rick Bars taps Jazzy Amra for new track “De Lo Mio.” Their latest single is not only making waves in listeners ears but on the charts.

The single is currently top ten on the charts and peaked at #3. “DE Lo Mio is heading for #1 in some countries. It has already accumulated over five million views in its first month reaching a English and Spanish audience. This is not Rick bars first time on the charts. His previous release “Cojelo Suave” spent 3 weeks On the charts In Argentina, New Zealand, Estonia and other countries. 

This collaboration went well for both artists with Platinum Octave. Jazzy Amra’s vocals have intrigued new fans. She has worked with many other big names Including Wyclef Jean. Jazzy has also performed on the Steve Harvey Show and YouTube Space.

Smooth on the ears and a different sound for people looking for new music to dive into between major album releases. This might be a unique option for the next time you go on YouTube to check out new content. A catchy track for music enthusiasts.

Both artists are from New York and are of Dominican descent which explains the “spanglish” Lyrics.The song was produced by Versus Beats which has been a very consistent producer recently curating dynamic beats. This release is available exclusively on YouTube for the time being but is scheduled to be released on other platforms.

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