Richmond All-Starz Super Rap Collective Putting VA’s Capitol on The Map

When you mix lyricism with natural music chemistry the result is success! The Richmond All-Starz is a collective of artist in Richmond, VA making statements through their creativity and originality. The Richmond All-Starz consist of 10k. Zuri, Xenos, Dre Person, Smyth Knight, and “last but certainly not least” West. All of these artist have some kind of ties to the greater Richmond, VA area.

From the music video to the song the feelings that you can expect to get is a sense of nostalgia mixed with astonishment. The bars were insane from artist to artist. I thought of Souls of Mischief and even a Tribe Called Quest just from the instrumental alone. This is that real rap and lyricism. If you’re a fan of hearing critical lyrics and certified flows then this song is definitely for you. Richmond has not seen anything like this before! This movement literally cannot be duplicated when talking about talent and esthetic.

The Richmond All-Starz visual is like traveling through time

It was very obvious that the director Zuri Fleming, also known as 10k. Zuri took her time with creating the concept of this video. There were many elements like graffiti captions and dice games that stayed true to the initial theme. They brought back the cutting-edge aura of the ’90s in under 3 minutes. There are introduction graffiti tags for each artist and throughout the video; there are also static television visual effects.

The whole video is dope in its entirety, and the fact that the ending scene is at the newly iconic Richmond sign in the heart of the city made it clear that there is pride that comes along with this collective being from Richmond, VA. Every single rapper in the video had a specific charismatic vibe to them. If the Richmond All-Starz continues to drop crazy visuals like these Richmond, VA will be a place where people look for authentic hip-hop music. Everyone played their part and held their weight; there were absolutely no weak links.

Make sure you check out the Richmond All-Starz music video right here!

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