Rich Soul Revives R&B With Trendy Track “Tryna”

Understanding greatness is complicated…

Chasing thoughts within your mind is a dangerous, complicated, and divine experience.  Looking from the outside, people can’t comprehend, believe, or feel the passion of a visionary.  Walking by faith and not sight is abnormal in modern society.  Inhaling self-doubt and exhaling manifestation requires a different type of mental telepathy. With that in mind, Rich Soul has utilized this mindset to move forward in their music career.

Pursuing the unthinkable generates an intricate type of pain and mental fatigue. Mastery is based upon refinement and endless practice of one’s craft.  Following the path of immorality and supreme being with zeal is not for the faint of heart. Understanding greatness is a difficult and esoteric task. As a result, they fully comprehend the process of creating and sustaining greatness.   

Rich Soul Exudes R&B Brilliance with “Tryna”  

Lamar Kash, Noez Newton & Astro Jetsun are three kings that make up the supergroup ‘Rich Soul’.  Listening to all three voices in harmony is a sacred and aspirational experience.  Additionally, their music blends destiny, adversity, flawless inventiveness, and sonic mastery on every track.  Creating moments – not just music.   

Also, Lamar Kash, Noez Newton, & Astro Jetsun understand each other’s strengths and weakness. Which allows them to produce an incomparable sound.  Rich Soul’s storytelling skillset in R&B music is refreshing and illuminates their narration capabilities at the highest level.    

In fact, on the latest single “Tryna”, the record illustrates their God-given talent and the gift of creation. Lastly, nobody can transcribe words into purposeful lyrics of destiny like Rich Soul.  Overall, “Tryna” elevates the R&B experience in 2022 while Rich Soul delivers another epic audio masterpiece.  Finally, stay tuned here at KAZI Magazine for more news and music regarding this trio! Be sure to tap in with Award-winning journalist and CVO of RADIOPUSHERS Jonathan P Wright for more from these stars!



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