Rich Relly And D Cash Joined Ray Mula For Their Immersive New Visual

Harlem has been making a strong comeback lately when it comes to keeping hip-hop alive. There are so many emerging artists that do a fantastic job at conveying their distinct lyricism through their music. Few among them artists that fit the description are Neek Bucks, Nino Man, Jay Prezi, among others.

If you been in tune with Harlem music, you’ve probably heard of upcoming artists Rich Relly and D Cash. Their massive success last year with many different visuals and singles released have created a movement for their music in Harlem unlike any other. Now they are back to start the new year with a new blast by joining Ray Mula for their new chilly visual For The Streets. Produced by, A2 Made You the production end was absolutely amazing. Followed alongside with the immersive effects within the visual, creating a real story behind the lyrical shots thrown from each artists at their lack of competition.

Watching the visual while paying attention to the bars, will have you realize that this track hits all fronts. It packs a lot of hard-hitting rhyme schemes from each artist, and showcases their consistency basis with each release, making you feel that real Harlem flow. Trust me, the track is packed up with infectious melodies to keep you replaying it over and over.

Tune in to the new visual For The Streets below.

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