Rich Fayden Pushes The Boundaries of Modern Pop Music With His Newest Single “Don’t Be Cruel” Impacting At Radio Nationwide

Born and raised in New York City, Rich Fayden grew up around music of all types.  From Hip Hop coming out of Queens and Brooklyn to House Music pumping from the street of lower Manhattan, music was all over and Fayden made sure to take it all in.  When you grow up in a city like Manhattan you get overloaded sometimes with the sounds of the city but within those sounds you can start to pick out the feel and vibe of each area.  Fayden started to find his groove and over the years has always implemented various styles into his productions, if for himself or someone else.  A signature sound that can be heard in either a small detail or in the larger scope of the song, keeping to what works and always adding a new flavor to the creation.

“Don’t Be Cruel” is Fayden’s newest release, it is a remake of the original song from the early 90s then Pop music superstar, Bobby Brown.  This take on the original is done showing care to each and every word, each lyrics is presented in a manner that pays homage to the original and shows respect to the writers.  LA Reid, Babyface and Daryl Simmons wrote and produced the original song as they did many hits from the early 90s.  Fayden felt this song needed to be revised and brought into a new generation of listeners, knowing this song stood out to him he decided to put his take on it and bring it back to life.  The melody is iconic so the groove was built around it, giving a very dirty gangster slap house feel to this remake, dropping the vocal tone down just enough to distort the vocals of this silky smooth singer.  “I wanted to put a fun touch on this song and give it a production that was danceable but also easy to lay back and chill to”, says Fayden.  

In less then a month of the song being out it has already accumulated over 100k streams on Spotify and its clearly striking the right cords with the listeners as the numbers are continuing to grow.  Moving forward with a nationwide radio promotion, Fayden expects this song to find its place and continue to garner support from Program Directors across various formats.  At first listen you can hear right away that the song is meant to be presented in a very laid back manner but as you get closer to the chorus the song comes alive, with some dark elements starting to show themselves the vocal leads you into a drop that is an instant classic.  So familiar yet with a twist that only Fayden can provide, this will be a remake that many will believe to be an original.  

Setting up for a major promotion, Fayden is already in the studio putting the touches on another release.  Always looking to out due the last project, the new single will be something very out of the box.  “Music is there in everything we do, from background sounds to the main player of our lives, creating the sound track for others to live to is fulfilling and I plan to continue doing it with passion and pride”, says Fayden

You can find more information about Rich Fayden and his work on SpotifyTwitterInstagram, and his website.

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