Revanu Play, Worldwide Music Distribution at Your Fingertips

Revanu Play is a digital music distribution company that was started in 2021 by Lucas Blaze Alvare and was launched in January 2022. Revanu Play is currently based out in the United States.

Revanu Play has worked with a number of genres from country to hip hop and has worked with artists including the names of Shy Boogs and Russ. Revanu Play has paid over $25,000 in royalties to artists as well as helped gain 10,000,000 million in streams. Revanu play has over 10,000 quality playlists that has helped artists on any entry level of the music industry grow their careers.

Lucas has been involved into the music scene since the age of 14. Lucas has an associate degree in psychology. Lucas recently became a new owner in a few upcoming podcast shows including Safe x Sane, Excon2Icon, and Straight Gay. Lucas recently opened up a 4500 square foot location with recording, podcasting, and event space.

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