Remykid Is next To Rising Up

Who is Remykid? Remykid is a Revelation Award-winning rapper. 2021 He is riding high again after Posting on his Instagram and social media that MADE IN LONDON ALBUM  (first studio album) will become among the young voices of black British Nigeria people. 

Remykid became a major player in the UK grime/ afro swing scene when SWEET AND WAVEY DROPS. Who is Renykid? OSAMUDIAMEN MARTINS, who is better known by his stage name Remykid, is an English rapper who is best known for his song’s death vibe, who dem help and friendly with her which hit 10k in 24hrs on SoundCloud. 

Remykid was born and raised by his Nigerian single mother. He began rapping at a young age, inspired by US rapper Lil Wayne and was encouraged by some of his friends to try and go professional.

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