Remey Williams Releases “Like Me”

The relationships that we acquire throughout life will either fall or become stronger. Friendships, relationships, and situationships all have an end date. Whether they end good or bad is on a case by case basis. Being in relationships that don’t end well is something that Remey Williams is all too familiar with; diving into the topic in his latest single “Like Me.”

“The inspiration for Like Me came from the old saying “you never really know what you have until it’s gone. Written by Myself and Ola Zaccheaus, we built the lyrical writing process around those words. Its meaning of losing the best thing that happened to you; and I was that thing. I just reflected on that Ex or former friend who tried to fill the void that came once the relationship ended. But they’ll never find nobody like me.”

Remey Williams on the inspiration behind “Like Me”
Remey Williams
Remey Williams has already made a name for himself in entertainment, as a well respected musician/producer for Summer Walker and Ruth B. to name a few. Having his music (“I’m Good” featured on the popular Showtime Original series, “The Chi”, he is an influence for generations to come. Remey Williams is an artist who pours his heart and soul into his music. Allowing his most heart-wrenching experiences to guide his music into being relatable for his listeners. Remey’s passion for the R&B/Soul genre exudes through his music and we’re excited to watch him grow as an artist.
Be sure to check out Remey Williams’ new single “Like Me” on all streaming platforms and connect with him on social media for all updates.

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