Remembering Scarfo Da Plug Through The Lens Of Simone Harris

An interesting dynamic that made the two stand out

The tragic loss of rising Atlanta-based star Scarfo Da Plug took many by surprise. One of those individuals was a close friend and co-manager, Simone Harris. Scarfo’s gritty street sound and Simone’s cooperate savvy made the two such a dynamic duo.
When most pursue music, they can fail because their team is not up to par.

However, Simone and the rest of the team were so sharp that Scarfo had no option but to ascend into his pure artistry. It was a beautiful thing to behold. This showed his colleagues that if you go indie, embrace the journey and get a team that knows how to handle themselves.

Heck, even getting an artist to listen to direction can be difficult for management teams. It was different between Simone and Scarfo. While I’m pretty sure he didn’t always see her vision, but he trusted her knowledge. When you view Simone, you might think she’s some sort of model or influencer, but she’s so much more; this made Scarfo so much better.

Simone puts on for Scarfo legacy in her own way

Simone Harris

Coming from a difficult childhood and transitioning to Atlanta from the DMV allowed Simone to relate to Scarfo how most couldn’t. They both knew how to “get it out the mud” in their own respective ways, and both are hustlers. Usually, the dynamic’s issues are either or don’t meet the grind of the other person.

However, Simone and Scarfo pushed each other to more significant heights, which made them so special. While unfortunately, Scarfo is gone. Simone is doing her best to continue his legacy in her own way.

A short bio on her is here:

Simone Harris is an American music manager, real estate investor, and entrepreneur from Washington DC. She is the founder and CEO of Equity Finance and Tax Services, one of the largest debt removal companies in the south. She works with countless A-list celebrities with assisting millions of debt.

Simone is a short-term rental and financial expert specializing in tax, credit, and real estate strategies to best position individuals and entrepreneurs for financial freedom. She does so much more, but due to the length of this feature, you may follow her on Instagram.

Below will be music from Scarfo Da Plug you can check out in peace. However, keep in your mind that she misses him every day and is driven even more by his loss.

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