RelicRhymes Drops “Hyper Aware” Remix

RelicRhymes doesn’t know how to stop turning up. His signature rap style and willingness to not take himself too seriously help a lot. The flow is interesting and his beat choices always hit. His new visual is a fun mini-movie that shows him and Madmarcc turning up to the max. Herberth Rojas did what he could to show how they party in Kiss Lounge in Atlanta, Georgia. You would never guess that Relic’s voice sounds like it does when you look at him. His Soundcloud-style is underground feeling but it is extremely fun. It makes it easy to enjoy because you feel the lyrics hitting harder than normal. Moreover, his music is going to have the speakers knocking.

The airport was uncharted territory last year but now people are back traveling. RelicRhymes and his crew used the baggage claim as a spot to film the final scenes. “Hyper Aware” is a strong track that got even better with a guest spot from Madmarcc. The music is perfect for raging and creating a moment unlike ever before. Known for his Transformers-like tone, Relic is positioning himself perfectly with his niche fan base.

Lastly, take a listen to the new record and peep the mini-movie below!

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