“Refraction,” The Introspective Look In The Minds Of Ceo and .donovan

Below are the notes of Ceo on the making of Refraction

Around July 2018, I started working on my album after I finishing a song that took me a year and a half to write. I locked myself in my house until February 20th, my birthday and the day that I released the album that means more to me than I’ll ever be able to say. Then I taught myself how to make beats that I would use for the album in just 6 months. Now, it’s been what I make a living off of to this day. 

Constantly working my f*cking a** off, and isolating myself from everyone I love. So much so that I started to have crippling social anxiety. I was always the life of the party and the guy who could talk to anyone. Now I’m realizing that I’m not that person anymore really took a toll on me. Thus, came the making of Refraction

His Notes On Why It’s Called Refraction

This song is called Refraction because I’m sick and tired of seeing the people I care about through a camera lens. The scariest thing for me to do is to just talk to people and be a fucking person for some reason. I want to be there in person again. Not this distant shell of a person that I am now. 

The song features .donavan. formerly known as Tyler Wrighteous. He had back surgery about a year ago to fix a medical condition. It has affected him since he was born.

He had to teach himself how to walk again which in turn was isolating him from the people he loves as well. I wanted no one else except for him on this song, and he delivered. You’ll understand once you press play below.

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