Real Precyse Producer/DJ On The Rise

Real Precyse is a Producer and DJ from Boston, M.A. region who focuses on Trap & EDM, but has skill sets in many other genres. With a vast Hip Hop background Precyse has managed to cultivate a unique edge on expanding his imagination whilst honing desires to become a staple in the industry by having his own unique approach. One of Precyse’s favorite quotes details the synapses and mindset he maintains. “Both desire and imagination are stored in the mind of the individual and when stretched, both have the potential to position a person for greatness” – Eric Thomas.

Since the hot summer of 2008 when Precyse made his first beat and this quote became a reality he hasn’t turned back. With producer influences like The Alchemist, Just Blaze, 9th Wonder, Dr. Dre,DeadMau5, Daft Punk, to rap influences of Fabolous, Jadakiss, Kendrick, Big L, Nas Lloyd Banks, Grafh and reggae influences of Vybez Kartel, Mavado and Aidiona to name a select few it’s easy to see the conceptualization of his progress. Success is something we all desire but so few of us actually take the time to plot out for our personal journeys. Precyse, however, has dedicated time beyond the music to create his unique formula for his success in the coming years. Oddly enough his moniker does match his persona whereas he is intensely precise about wanting something better in life. He consciously trades sleep to get tasks and goals handled. He believes strongly in persistence and continuity; applying this to his entrepreneurial mindset by utilizing his beliefs conjoined with his work ethic.

In this industry it is commonly known that in many instances it can be about who you know versus what you know. Precyse lives by balancing these two things. Balancing his knowledge while leveraging connections. His focus remains much like his beat making ability to be resourceful instead of depending on resources solely. He is cognizant of the fact the connections can launch your career, but also astutely aware that his actions prepare him for the opportunities that will present themselves. Much of his knowledge thus far like most of us comes from his experiences. One keystone moment when Precyse could feel the magnitude of his hard work was being the winner of the Boston Remy Producer Series in 2016, which was hosted by Wyclef Jean. As you can imagine a momentous occurrence like this on his path to greatness provides much needed confidence to pursue his dream further. Precyse has and is doing just that. Now the head Producer and DJ of the Good Money Kings movement and looking to make way in the EDM realm he is on track to meet and possibly exceed his own standards for his legacy in the making.

Needless to say Precyse has made strides since the days when his high school buddies were his inspiration to get into music to now establish a brand in which he is his own product. Precyse is currently focused on releasing a large sum of EDM and Trap music to the masses to showcase the culmination and extent of his endless repertoire and range of unique sounds. Many say they want it all, but Precyse has an itemized agenda to top charts in his near future. A strategic plan in place to reach his goals tangibly but utilizing his intangibles. Music sticks with Precyse and has become not only his hunt, but his therapy. Precyse feels his ability to convey his thoughts into melodies is greater to his cause than ever exerting the energy into any form of negative displays. Driven by his family who equally pushes him to do what he loves in the hopes of one day making a financial difference in their lives. Not to have it all or be lavish, but to gain monetary freedom in order to give his family the ability to chase their respective dreams.   

In conclusion Real Precyse is exactly that. His turn around time and ability to seamlessly fuse genres into one track is uncanny in itself. His work ethic outweighs the norm, and he continues to innovate and develop new nuances to his sound. Sure we all want to gain capital for our skills, but this is deeper than a night on the town for Precyse. This is about a legacy. Laying the groundwork and stepping outside of society’s box to follow his realities. His agenda is simple yet profound. It always sounds easier than it is to accomplish, but Precyse relishes in the challenge and will set this example for his children that if they do what they need to do then they can do what they want to do. Only when the needs are met, and right now his focus is..well…Real Precyse!

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