Blanco Balling releases new single “Levels To This” w/ Mozzy & Stupid Young

Since the release of his debut EP King of the Underground back in 2020, Blanco Balling has continued to prove to his listeners that his hustle mentality is truly paying off. Consistently developing his craft, Blanco Balling releases his first single of the year “Levels To This” featuring Mozzy and $tupid Young. 

“Levels to this means exactly that. There are levels to this game that some have reached and others haven’t. I’m speaking from this higher level” Blanco Balling on the meaning behind the record.

“Levels To This” is a record that showcases the growth Blanco Balling has had thus far; from the struggle of being in prison to finding the strength to pursuing a legit career in music, to now fully committing to his artistry. Balling is working hard to make a name for himself even though the odds were stacked against him. This record is a reminder to his listeners that as an artist he will continue to reach new heights throughout his career.

Blanco Balling’s collaboration with heavy hitters like Mozzy and $tupid Young, proves that he’s an artist who will exceed expectation as well as being taken seriously by fellow rappers in the industry. 

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