R&B Newcomer Remey Williams Releases New Single “Real Love Ain’t Safe”

Since the release of his first single, “I’m Good” in 2020 which celebrated black boy joy R&B singer Remey Williams begins 2021 on a high note with the release of his new single “Real Love Ain’t Safe”. Remey’s never been one to shy away from vulnerable topics that most would not dare speak on. His vulnerability and ingenuity in his records is what continues to set Remey apart from other R&B and soulful artists. Captivating listeners from beginning to end, “Real Love Ain’t Safe” is sure to become an R&B sensation.

“It’s hard to love all of someone when they’re afraid to give you all of them. We all have flaws, some parts of us lack confidence. That’s the part I want to know. That’s the part I want to fall in love with. That’s what makes you. It is a risk to give that person that side of you but if it’s a person I want to spend my forever with, let’s go all the way. No 50/50 keep it 100!”Remey Williams on his idea of real love

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Remey Williams reminds his listeners that when in a relationship, both partners have equal parts to play. Allowing both partners to exchange their hearts and to be fully captivated by their souls is what it means to be loved. It’s the kind of situation where one must be willing to let their walls down and give each other 100%.

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