R&B Artist Aqyila Drops Off New Single “Hello”

R&B songstress Aqyila lets listeners know that better things are coming in her latest release “Hello,” out now via Sony Music Canada. In the uplifting new single, the Toronto-based singer reflects on saying good-bye to things that don’t serve her. While saying “Hello” to the greater things in life. Within Aqyila’s mission of re-discovering her old self, she takes listeners along her introspective journey of growth and evolution.

“Falling in love with who I am, I don’t have time for anything that’s going to harm me,” Aqyila sings on the track.

Who is Aqyila?

Combined with enlightening rhythms and harmonies, simply put, “Hello” is a song that resonates. The introspective mood of the track reflects on Aqyila growing and evolving as a person. She lets go of the past and saying hello to the future. And she shares her understanding of why some things in life happen for the better. 

“Hello” showcases the way that Aqyila is unafraid to pronounce her journey of self-love while simultaneously finding her peace of mind. She unapologetically embraces self-discovery. And becomes increasingly passionate about walking away from the past – making it clear that she’s now only welcoming the positive into her life.

Challenging herself to new heights

“With every song I release, I love to challenge myself to try something new,” Aqyila says of “Hello.” “With every song, I’d like to feel like I’m evolving when I create. I haven’t created something like this before & I’m so glad that just from the quick snippet alone it’s resonating with so many people.”

“Hello” is the perfect soundtrack that inspires and encourages listeners to let go of the past, and say hello to their futures. The new single serves as a sneak peek into what she has in store this year. Next, she’s gearing up to release her upcoming debut EP ‘For The Better.’

In the meanwhile, press play on Aqyila’s latest single “Hello,” here.


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