Raymond Alan Takes His Listeners On A Journey

Southern California artist Raymond Alan is taking you on a journey through his neighborhood on his latest project “Uncertain”. Raymond is a visionary from Los Angeles who paints vivid pictures of his upbringing and his community. From every end of the land, this SoCal native is putting on for what he calls home.

Raymond Alan is a Southern California hybrid. Born in inner city Los Angeles, Raymond bounced back and forth between his hometown and its neighboring region, the Inland Empire. With L.A. being one of the most popular hip-hop hubs since the 90s, many rappers that were born in the city limits would never claim another place in fear of ruining their credibility. However, it’s Raymond Alan’s authentic display of his roots all over the Southern California area that make him stand out. His sound isn’t just an L.A. sound, it’s a melting pot of all the regions best tropes. His latest project “Uncertain” feels like a wild ride though Cali from the beaches to the desert. Raymond’s ability to convey his thoughts on records like “In Case” and “Sacrifice” are taking him to new heights in the rap game beyond his local market. 

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