Ray Mula Shares Captivating New Visual

Ray Mula is enjoying the massive success from his music career and is not ready to slow down anytime soon. Mula has a impressive lyrical skill that most rappers don’t, and he displays that talent in his new visual for Harlem Side Of Things. Mula’s flow is contagious, and the energy from his hard-hitting bars is unreal. This track will have you finally understanding why he is respected everywhere in Harlem.

The impressive combination with Mula’s music and visual by BenjiFilmz positions Mula to have a great year. He pours his heart out while discussing all his experience going through the streets of Harlem from the struggles to the success. His voice is aggressive and easy to listen to while his lyrics are engaging and personal, I look forward to see Mula make his mark this year.

Tune in to the new visual Harlem Side Of Things below.

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