Ray Kirk Raises The Bar With New Single “We Made It”

Ever since he began to perform when he was 14 years old, Ray Kirk has continued to raise the bar for himself and his work. He holds himself extremely accountable and knows that if he wants to turn his dreams into a reality that he is going to have to stop at nothing. Luckily for Ray, he has earned himself great recognition overseas and is now ready to have the same impact in the US. With the release of his new single “We Made It” he is headed in the right direction.

We Made It” is one of Ray Kirk’s best tracks to date. As he and Brian Mcknight Jr. hit the track speaking on the fact that it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks of them, they know that they have made it. Ray Kirk has worked too long and too hard for anyone to try and wipe that away from him, and he is making that clear. He wants people to feel free while listening to this track and to make an impact on how they view their accomplishments regardless of the noise others make surrounding their success. He knows what it’s like and doesn’t want his fans to go through that alone.

Trailblazing the way for others to feel more secure in their accomplishments, Ray Kirk and Brian Mcknight have knocked it out of the park with this track. Be sure to keep up with Ray Kirk as there is plenty more where this came from. He has a bunch of new songs in the works, and it would be a shame to miss out on.

Stream Ray Kirk’s “We Made It” on Spotify here.

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