Raw Youngin From The Streets Of Lake City, Florida To Recording Hits

Raw Youngin is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated artists to come from the state of Florida. From hits like “Madman” to “From the Block,” Raw Youngin has told his story uniquely. Raw Youngin also has a close business tie to well-known producer Southside. Raw Youngin is an 808 Mafia artist, and he shares a bit of his relationship with Southside. During this interview, I heard about Raw Yougin’s story from the bottom to the top. Down Below is the conversation that I had with Raw Youngin!

Courtesy of Epic Records

How did you know that you wanted to start making music?

Raw Youngin: My big brother helped me start making music. He began to put me in the studio, and I started rapping with him. Then I started performing around the neighborhood for parties, and I started taking it seriously.

How did the relationship with you and Southside The Producer come about?

Ray Youngin: When I came down here with my friend, he had linked me up with when I came down to Miami. He gave me a lot of jewels; he taught me how to be a real artist. He also started to teach me the business side of music.

What does the song From The Block mean to you?

Raw Youngin: That’s a that is about me. If you listen to the song, you will know. I am telling a lot about my life, and I am talking about how I came up. I am also talking about how my aunties took care of me when my mom went to prison.

How about the lyric “I started rappin’ when I noticed we were dyin’ to live (Uh-huh),” What did you mean by that? 

Raw Youngin: If you are living, you have to live for something. I have big dreams, so once I figured out I wanted to make music, I told myself, you might as well make music; you are living for nothing if you are not doing anything with your life.

I saw your blog when you were in the studio with a lot of heavy hitters. How did that feel?

Raw Youngin: I enjoyed that little moment; I was like damn them boys rocking with me. I made like 50 songs out there in Cali. I have some stuff with G Herbo and K Camp, and I also did a lot of features.

Raw Youngin has the potential to take over and be one of the pioneer artists that represent Florida. He has the style, charisma, and, most notably the talent. If he continues to shock the people like this, he will be on his way to being the next heavy-weight rapper!

Down below is the new single “From The Block“!

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