Rauziel Is Ready To Break In 2021

Hip Hop artist Rauziel found his passion for music when he was just a young kid growing up in Inglewood. Back then he listened to a wide range of artists from Lil Wayne to Michael Jackson. Now days he’s mainly listening to artists like Lil Wayne, Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar, Future, and Drake. It didn’t take much time for Rauziel to decide that he wanted to become a music artist. With the help of his childhood music mentor, Scott Litt, he started learning how to record himself on ProTools and make his own beats. Since Scott used to manage the legendary rock band Nirvana, Rauziel was able to learn a lot of useful information about the music industry in general. 

The rising hip hop artist had numerous opportunities open up to him and took it as his calling to start pursuing a career in music. One of those opportunities he got was a chance to work with the singer Eric Bellinger. They created the song Goat which earned both of the artists their first gold plaque, and the song is still considered as one of Eric’s biggest hit records. Another one of the opportunities was when he got a chance to open up for the singer August Alsina and tour to places like Australia. He’s looking forward to being able to tour in Australia again because they have some of the most energetic crowds when a music artist is performing. Rauziel also plans on doing a tour in London where he has a huge fan base that’s continuing to grow.

Rauziel just released a new full-length album titled VSN this past April. He was able to create the project while taking advantage of his isolated free time during the quarantine. He also released a few upbeat singles that kept fans dancing all the way through spring and summer. And he’s currently working on another full-length project that will mainly be made up of melodic records. Rauziel hasn’t unveiled a name or official release date for the project yet, but he does plan on releasing it this holiday season. So be on the lookout for more news and music coming from the rising independent hip hop artist coming soon!

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