Rasheed Chappell Unveils ’15 Minutes in Queens’ EP

Rasheed Chappell hits the mark with cunning wordplay and diverse nostalgia

Rasheed Chappell from Jersey represents a pure, uncompromising sound tailored to the roots of hip hop; while adding modern flair which makes him one of one. Rising through he ranks over the years had Rasheed in a special place in his career,

Like part of his latest EP name, he might be 15 minutes from fame in terms of his sound being heard. Rasheed Chappell’s latest release ’15 Minutes in Queens’ EP and a visual for single “Reflections” hit a sweet spot of the music purist I am at heart.

Smooth and to the point, Rasheed sonically embodied metaphors and bars that communicate to his audience that he’s in a constant elevation state of mind; to where he can stay true to himself while rapping.

Definitely one of a kind, Chappell never compromises to get his craft accepted but fully embraces himself; and it shows in his music. It’s similar to a mix of Benny The Butcher and Freddie Gibbs with his own lyrical flair.

A different breed of quality

Each track on his EP is like a trip through a 90s action movie with modern quality, it’s thrilling to play on your favorite DSP. I can appreciate an artist who stays true to himself and shows his story in their own style.

According to Chappell, “My story is simple, l stayed true to myself and what is authentic to me; and it garnered the attention and respect from legends, peers and fans the world over. I never compromised my art for the fad.”

Overall, Chappell exudes a calm but commanding present on his latest release to which I want more artists to show. Harden by life and his passion for music, ’15 Minutes In Queens’ is a must listen for fans of music.

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