Rasheed Chappell, A Black Healthy Artist/Guru

Rasheed Chappell Values life more than just music

Rasheed Chappell from New Jersey has always to be genuine to whom he is, he never compromises his core values to gain critical acclaim. This has gathered attention and respect from legends with fans as he navigates a rap career on the come up. Smooth and eloquent, Rasheed bodies a wide variety of productions with crisp metaphors and sharp bars that communicate to his audience that he’s in a constant state of elevation and staying true to himself. 

Definitely one of a kind, Chappell compels listeners to understand that it’s okay to be flawed and embrace yourself. The talented emcee is a member of Trust Gang with acclaimed producer 38 Spesh, Ransom, Musalini, and Che Noir. He has also worked with legendary producers Diamond D, Buckwild, and Kenny Dope along with the late legend Biz Markie which he holds fond memories of.

Add in features of Peter Rosenberg’s ‘Real Late’ and Chappell is next among lyrical dabbling rappers who have serious potential to accrue stardom.

He taped in with Kazi Magazine to discuss a few various topics prevalent to his life currently.

How did XP The Marxman bond with you Rasheed?

XP just recently lost his mother & my condolences to him and his family. Unfortunately, it was her declining health that got us together. X posted a pic asking for prayers; l reached out in a DM & expressed some words of encouragement. My mother has been through a lot as well. We bonded from that moment; it was then and is now more than music.

Can you explain the similarities between boxing, a sport you love, and hip hop?

Boxing isn’t about your opponent as much as it is about yourself. How much work you’re willing to give to the art, the science of boxing. It’s something you never master because there are always nuances to be learned and different perspectives, like life. My daily routine is simple to wake up, work. Get to it; excuses are where dreams die.

What’s the importance of mental health for people, specifically black people?

There’s been an emphasis on mental health as of late in the media and social media; we get so caught up in the grind that we forget to take physical and mental breaks. I make it a point not to get too high or too low; I’ve seen so much trauma that is thought to be natural in my environment; as we grow older, we find out it isn’t. That’s what many in my community face, and being Black in America, it’s always a balancing act. The issues are so varied that I’m not sure how to approach them. However, it’s going to have to be diverse and individual. In addition to having honest conversations about what’s going on in our society as a whole that contributes to mental health issues, there need to be more resources in our community to address it and a collective effort to remove the stigma associated with needing getting help. Unfortunately, there’s no magic bullet cure.

For your upcoming project ‘RX,’ what’s the premise behind it?

‘RX’ is something born out of the spirit of Hip Hop, unity. We combined coasts and cultures. All born out of the music, the producers all gave us perfect canvases to paint our stories. From street shit to social issues, even our upbringing, we touch it all. We have names such as Roc Marciano and Buckwild on the project and up and comers that brought nothing but heat.

What’s your favorite recent moment in life?

My favorite moment is the fact that I’m alive to HAVE moments. I take nothing for granted; every inhales and exhale a blessing from The Most High.

Rasheed and XP The Marxman release ‘RX’ soon, comment below if you’re ready for it!

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