Rapper FabvL Is Shifting The Culture Of Nerdcore

California Born Rapper FabvL is making a huge impact on Anime and Nerd-Core Culture. FabvL is known for his massive hits such as “Cross My Heart” and “Lost It All”, FabvL has proven that he is someone to respect in the music industry. His constant flow of Rap mixed with Rock and aggressive delivery is what makes FabvL truly himself. We asked him what genre would he categorize himself in and he replied, “That’s a really tough question to answer. I’ve literally dipped my toes in almost every genre. Nowadays the genre blending between rock and hip hop/pop is what I’m best known for.”

FabvL has a taste for all kinds of music and it influences him to create with no limit! He even says that his dream collaboration would be, “Chester Bennington. Absolutely one of my biggest inspirations and honestly my idol. If it wasn’t for Chester I wouldn’t sing the way I do. The amount of emotion he portrayed was real and helped me through some really tough times. When people listen to my music I want to be able to make them feel the way Chester Bennington and Linkin Park made me feel. Rest In Peace.” FabvL is one of the best artists in his musical space and has accumulated massive success in a relatively short amount of time. His latest single “No One To Blame” has done over 400k streams in just 2 months and has proven to be yet another great release from FabvL.

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