Rapidly rising to the top in music is an outstanding talent named Jules Rodriguez

Besides founding and running “buildtoblossom,” her eco-friendly online store, she has enthralled all with her soothing voice with her songs.

Not all those who wander are lost is a phrase that stands true for many individuals and professionals of the world from across varied industries and sectors. Some people believe in following a set path in their journeys, while some others believe in doing all that they choose to do in life and work with the aim to excel in all of that, turning into a versatile talent. Many women have today come forward across industries and made their name prominent in the same, thriving on their zealousness, tenacity, and unending energy to make it huge in their careers as multi-talented beings. Talking about one, how could we not mention the genius of Jules Rodriguez, who is today a known musical talent, a singer and songwriter, besides being a growing entrepreneur with her retail store.

It is necessary to hold more talk about women like these as they pose as great examples to the world and eventually inspire other women worldwide to make it happen for themselves. Jules Rodriguez makes sure she gives her 100% in all that she does in her career, be it as a media professional, content creator, and entrepreneur or as a singer and artist in the music space. The pure talent from the US is all about her insane energy and crazy passion for music, which is quite evident through each of the tracks she has created thus far, like In My Head, Lonely, Go Slow Baby, Change Me, Like That, and The Hottest.

Her USP in music is her very uniqueness in her musical craft, which has allowed her to stay distinctive in the industry, already overflowing with established as well as upcoming talented beings. Even after giving these hit tracks and gaining great momentum in the musical realm, Jules Rodriguez feels she has a long way to go and hence, wants to make every day count and make the most of it to take her career a step higher in the industry.

Check out her incredible tracks on Spotify, https://open.spotify.com/artist/3pe3q0lBpCePEWFareCaiF  and follow her on Instagram @kittyj08.

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