Rap Artist, XB Music TV, is Making Conscious Efforts to Present Quality Music with Amazing Vibes

The music industry is evolving at a rapid pace and it is due to the introduction of many music artists. Emerging music artists believe in experimenting with the current music trends to produce unique music for their listeners. 

Born with the name, “Brandon Gomez”, the rap artist has made his name popular as “XB Music TV”. The music artist would listen to party music with amazing vibes during his childhood days in 2014. And he would adore Nicky Jam for his exceptional musical works. 

In 2015, XB Music TV began his musical journey as a “Mexican Reggaetónero”. He is known for creating music in genres namely, rap, trap Latino, and Reggaetón. While listening to party songs, the music artist gained a lot of knowledge about music. 

What makes him different from other emerging music artists is his ability to consciously produce his music. He pays attention to his thoughts, experiences, and feelings to create unique music for his listeners. 

The young rapper started creating his music after taking inspiration from songs with amazing vibes. As a result, his first song received a good response and it crossed 10k streams on Audiomack. 

XB Music TV came up with his new single, “EI 14” and it has received appreciation from the audience. It is his passion for music that makes him spend most of his time in his studio. XB Music TV wants to become a popular Mexican artist to shine his name in the Latino musical genre. 

XB Music TV has a plan to release his new single, “Como Extranos”. Besides, the rap artist aims to release many amazing musical songs with other interesting artists in 2021 and 2022. 



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