Rakeem Miles Delivers A Chad Hugo-Produced Track

Baltimore rapper Rakeem Miles offers his unique style to the music game. His new single, “It Is What It Is” is a product of the creative producer, Chad Hugo of the Neptunes.

‘It Is What It Is” includes a guest appearance from none other than Waka Flocka. Waka contributes his own tempo to the upbeat track, complimenting his verse with likeable ad-libs. Rakeem’s style delivers an aesthetic that can be respectfully compared to Childish Gambino’s or N.E.R.D. Moreover, the music video is an animated adventure in a psycadellic forest with rivers, waterfalls and wildlife. This is a trippy track. Rakeem knows how to get the vibes going. He is an interesting musician to say the least.

Furthermore, Rakeem Miles engulfs this track with energy and singularity. His unique sound and collaborations project a longterm music career. With the ingredients of consistency and relatability, his fan base is likely to progress in a positive and profitable direction. Check it out if you are ready to spin.

Rakeem Miles in Greenery
Quotable Lyrics:
All I do is press start and my engine go
Move that ass fast like Usain Bolt
Hands on your knees and bring it up slow
Better stop playing need my money pronto

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