Rah Royce Returns With The Release Of ‘I Make It Look Easy’

Effortlessly emerging on to the scene is none other than Brooklyn-bred rhymer Rah Royce by way of Staten Island, NY. Returning with a fresh release, Rah reveals his I Make It Look Easy project! Staying true to its title, Rah Royce did just that. 

Although this young trailblazing talent may appear as another artist from the city trying to put Brooklyn on the map, it’s bigger than that. In fact, vying to leave his mark in music, Rah Royce is releasing back to back bangers built on bridging the gap between the fakes and foes within hip-hop. Since a youngin’, Rah has proven his excellence as a rapper through his smooth flow and leading lyricism. As a result, his most recent release I Make It Look Easy has put the budding artist in a better position to blossom into the next big act out of the area. 

Rah Royce

The Rise Of Rah Royce

If there was anything that drew and excited Rah Royce from a young age, it was the world of music and rap. However, Rah Royce admits that he did not take this seriously until 2019, when he was 19 years old. This early interest in music motivated him to take his talent seriously and encouraged him to improve his skills. As well as learn many in-demand skills in the music industry. As he saw his passion for rapping and music grow, he couldn’t wait any longer and began working toward a successful career in the field. 

After experiencing early success, he was backed by great energy and confidence. In doing so, he dropped off his trendy track titled, “McQueen,” the following month in January 2020. This track set the tone for Rah as it showcases his versatility over a UK drill beat. Following up the great responses garnered around his previous release, Rah Royce serves up his 2020 debut mixtape, I Make It Look Easy, which includes several catchy singles.

Remaining a relevant topic and staying booked and busy, Rah Royce believes he is still developing. Additionally, he is excited to show the world what he is made of. Everyone is in awe of this youngster’s natural musical abilities and wants to hear more of his tracks and mixtapes in the near future; such is the craze he has already created for himself.

For now, press play on his popular project, I Make It Look Easy. Stay tuned here at KAZI Magazine for more on this emerging emcee! Lastly, let us know what you think! 



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