Raeshaun Gets Caught In The “Middle”

Raeshaun has been involved with music in some way since he was born. His latest song “Middle” can be described as an island vibe, melodic, and ultimately has an afro-beat type track with a heavy Toronto influence. The song was inspired by a moment that Raeshaun had from traveling and getting butterflies in his stomach from looking at “that” girl for the first time.

“This project is about that feeling you get when you see that girl for the first time. The emotions and rush it brings into you, the mystery,” Raeshaun said. “The atmosphere around it. The crushing hard. The games. More than that, ‘Middle’ has a summer vibe. An upbeat, fun vibe that your ears will carve as you drive down the highway. Moreover, with your ice coffee in hand on your way to the beach.” 

The fun, melodic vibe of the song is sure to get anyone moving and places Raeshaun as someone to definitely watch. Furthermore, underpinned by his freestyle skills and tight lyrical flow, he is dedicated to producing music that develops organically. Comfortably migrating between the traditional rap stories of his idols and the straight-out club adventures of a more commercial world, Raeshaun is stamping his authority on the Hip-Hop stage.

“Middle” sets the tone for what audiences can expect next from the Toronto native.

Lastly, check out “Middle” below!

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