Radikal Hughes on the Need for Spreading Hope and Faith

For centuries, people’s faith has been the anchor holding them down during life-altering disasters. Now, as everyone is fighting their own battles against coronavirus, there is once again a need to spread hope and faith in people’s hearts. One such Christian artist is Radikal Hughes has become an influential figure. Here, he talks about the power of hope when surrounded by negativity.

Being an independent recording artist, Radikal Hughes has worked with Grammy award-winning artists like hip-hop duo GRITS for his viral album soundtracks. Through his work and humanitarian work, he is passionate about giving back to society and spreading positivity in perfect alignment with his Christian faith.

“My music becoming popular on social media has helped me build an online community called Radikal Nation after my latest album, and given me the opportunity to propagate how optimism can change lives.”, he explains. Radikal Hughes has become an influencer and thought leader today, and he agrees that it’s through the teachings of Christian role models he had growing up, despite a tough childhood.

He adds, “My life turned around when I found faith and regained hope to work for a better future. I hope to teach the same to others as well, doing my part for humanity.” He believes everyone has the ability to use their talent and harness their passions to cultivate a life that they are proud of. 

It is vital to stay hopeful, and essential to help others see the light at the end of the tunnel as well. Removing toxicity and replacing it with a positive self-image is the only way to move forward. “Opportunities have expiry dates, use them as motivation and inspiration to succeed.”, he concludes.

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