R Goes For Gold On New LP “All Or Everything”

R, also is known as (@rstoryave), is a Bronx-bred Dominican lyricist. His new 15 track LP has a plethora of different sounds that are sure to satisfy every type of fan. Clocking in at 45 minutes, “All Or Everything” is a treat for R fans. On this album, you have everything from hard-hitting drill beats to conscious raps. R’s focus was to show his versatility and shine a light on what makes him different. With lead singles like “Timeless” and “Purple Clouds,” it was clear that he was on a mission. R’s music is focused and does not lose sight of what is happening in the world today. 

R – All Or Everything ‘LP’ Cover

His project displays his ability to jump into various pockets to deliver good music. His long-standing engineer Roctimus Prime is the 40 to his Drake. The exclusive working relationship they share has led to many smash records. R enjoys being able to stay loyal to his engineer, and it has paid off. His project has a few singles doing well on playlists, and the momentum is only going up. Check out his complete project below to see why many people are screaming that the Bronx has something to say. 

R is not your typical artist. His lyrics seem to say that he is looking for more. He wants to take over the game to inspire others to do the same. He is fine without fame; R just wants the resources to put his family & team in a better position. Some people are ‘golden children,’ and R has that quality. “All Or Everything” is his best work.

I look forward to seeing what he drops next if this album is any indication of what’s to come. I am sure post-COVID, R, is going to be everywhere spreading his fire tunes.

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