Quest LA Brings “Light After Dark’ On New EP

Quest LA is an Atlanta-based artist originally from Watts, California. He is simultaneously pursuing his bachelor’s degree in English on a pre-law track at Clark Atlanta University. Along his journey, he found a deep passion for music, and for the last 8 months, he has been building a healthy base for his career. His music is diverse and caters to the likes of Hip/Hop or Rap listeners while incorporating a soulful R&B twist into majority of his work. Quests’ ultimate goal is essentially to speak from a vulnerable place of emotion for those who cannot or will not. There is more coming from him in the near future.

“To me Light After Dark is all about the trial and tribulation that comes with growing up. Being able to keep your head up and understand that there is always light at the end of what you would presume is the lowest low and the darkest darkness.”

– Quest LA

Light After Dark is a vulnerable and personal EP. It details and stems from situations essentially within Quest’s love life. He depicts a chronological story about his encounter with a love interest gone bad. 

Lastly, take a listen to the soulful new EP today!

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