Quail P Bares All On “Heartless”

Quail P is one of those artists whose name will flood the airwaves sooner than later. This Macclenny, Florida-native has a distinct twang and a powerful pen. In these frames for “Heartless” we hear Quail pour it out onto the pavement, all while the chaos of the world ensues. These melodic waves and infectious cadence keeps the ear attracted from start to finish.

With direction from Mikey Rare, you see a number of realms that Quail resides in. The pain of the world embodied in the rain, but the other side of the coin is two gorgeous women twerking near his face. An interesting dichotomy between the two, but it reminds the audience that sunny days sometime get broken up by the grey skies. The record shows that he has a lot on his plate. Fortunately, he knows how to balance it all. His goals are clear and his mind is on the wins.

Regardless you have to understand how brilliant this man’s ability is. Curating authentic sounds in such a heavily-populated music scene such as Florida is no easy task. A lot of people can keep up for a bit, but Quail P is going to be around for a long time. Do yourself a favor and peep this gas below.

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