QMOSHYN Understands The Price Of Not Looking Back

Options Are An Expensive Part of Life and QMOSHYN Knows All About It.  

Change is a painful evolutionary process. A divine process, learning about yourself, is not for the fainthearted. Creating a better life for yourself is a gargantuan task in life. Admitting your flaws and weaknesses is a humbling experience. Seeing the real you in the mirror allows you to understand God’s plan. With that being said, QMOSHYN has a clear eye view!  

Being able to watch oneself evolve through life’s darkest moments builds character. As a result, an esoteric language is involved in understanding the difference between being supreme and living an average life. Furthermore, the ability to decipher life’s hidden messages of prosperity and success is reserved for those born with a natural gift for vision.   

Having A Vision Is a Priceless Mental Treasure. QMOSHYN Is A Prime Example  

Visionaries see rainbows in the eye of the storm and become pillars of strength for everyone around them. Having the courage to drive through stop signs and red lights is customary in their daily lives. Pursuing the ‘Life of A CEO’ is all about creating options and freedom for oneself.   

Major Recording Artist/Entrepreneur QMOSHYN is a rare human mixture of animal ambition infused with supernatural creative genius. His lifestyle is centered on faith, family, legacy, and Hip-Hop. Transcribing people’s pain into beautiful lyrics of inspiration is a musical gift QMOSHYN possesses.   

Additionally, QMOSHYN’s music catalog is a paragon of excellence in production and storytelling. Lyrically, QMOSHYN’s voice reaches the hearts of Millennials and Generation Z. Opening people’s minds to unthinkable possibilities is a sacred treasure and responsibility in life. In fact, this year, QMOSHYN is launching several multimedia TV/Film projects on Amazon Prime Video. He recently partnered with RADIOPUSHERS in 2023 for TV/Film distribution. Stay tuned here at KAZI Magazine for all things QMOSHYN. Lastly, let us know what you think!



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