Q. Garvin Shares “Come N Find Me”

Q. Garvin is not playing around with his haters or his fans. He is ready to let people know that if it is smoke, they have to bring it to his front door. The menacing flow he uses on “Come N Find Me” shows how serious he truly is. This record is his first solo track and it is not what you would expect from a rookie. The single was even featured on ESPN+ during olympian boxer Troy Isley’s last fight. Q. Garvin aka D.$.G Q loves music but he is even more in love with the business side of it. Everything he does is calculated and he never wants people to see him for all he is. This record is only the start because he has plenty of heat in the tuck.

Q. Garvin “Come N Find Me”

Q and the whole D.$.G collective know how to get the people going. He has dreams to be a boss in this industry and he will not settle for less. On “Come N Find Me” you can hear him showing love to his incarcerated homies that he cannot wait to see. His life is real and the music will always reflect that. If you like to flex, get money, and show love to your family, Q has the perfect soundtrack for you. When you are growing like this it is hard to feel like you should work for anyone. Q. Garvin is going to do everything it takes to make the music work.

Check out the hard-hitting solo track from the Alexandria, Virginia-bred MC here below!

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