PxRRY Claims His Lane In Hot New Visual “On Fire”

PxRRY’s latest single “On Fire” demonstrates his versatility and creativity as an artist. “On Fire” is a laid back and fun dance track. PxRRY flows over the track effortlessly with a signature style that gives listeners a light hearted and fun feeling. “On Fire” combines a lot of different musical styles. There is afro beats influences as well as pop and even some old school R&B influence.

The lyrics are clever and Instagram caption worthy. PxRRY is able to switch his style from singing to rapping effortlessly throughout “On Fire” and in the video he also demonstrates his skills as a dancer. PxRRY is a triple threat. Some may see similarities between PxRRY and artists like Chris Brown, Omarion and Marques Houston, however the afro-beats influence in “On Fire” sets him apart from other artist. Afro beats incorporates the use of real instruments more than other forms of mainstream music. It also usually features triplet drum patterns that can be difficult to rap over. PxRRY matches the beat of “On Fire” perfectly demonstrating his sense of musicality and showcasing his passion as an artist.

Watch “On Fire” below:

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