Pushing Drill With London KOTC

Drill music is going to be the next massive thing topping the charts in the UK. Don’t believe us? We know an artist that is out here proving you wrong.

You’re about to hear about drill music in a big way. The next decade will unlock potential from the subgenre of trap music like you have never even thought of before. It’s going to rock our socks off. At the center of all this, we have prominent name artists like London KOTC driving a change in the genre. If you like your music dramatic, then you want your music drill.

Defining Drill Music

Typically associated with the dark streets and nights of the city of Chicago, drill music is a subgenre of trap music. However, we don’t think it’s fair to call it a subgenre because it has the strength and potential to become an entire genre in its own right. But what exactly is it?

Drill music is defined as the version of trap music that is so dark that you run to turn off the internet when your mother comes into the room. It’s about guns. It’s about violence. It’s about being a rapper who has all the finer things in life but must defend those finer things from other people. It’s about darkness. It’s about women. It’s the kind of trap music that even Eminem wouldn’t touch. And London KOTC is one of the experts at it.

Yet, at the heart of it all there is a sense of protection in the music. For those that have lost their way, it’s very much a collective understanding of how things could be at their worst and their best. Yet, like all hip-hop style music, drill bands, people together and even inspires and give hope. London KOTC delivers this strangely and unusually.

Evolving The World Of Trap Music With A Unique Style

Those already familiar with his music will understand that London KOTC mixes the beats with melodic stylings that make him outstanding from other artists. As a result, the music is almost upbeat and gentle and can conflict with the context of the lyrics. 

Another attraction of his music is the openness from which he raps. When asked about it, he maintains that writing and rap it out is like therapy for him. It’s an emotional feeling. And that’s what he brings to drill music. Emotional rapping, healing that he can share with fans and followers. 

That emotion is so intense that it earned him over 100,000 Spotify listens almost overnight. His song No Effort has been reviewed again and again and again in different publications. It’s been hailed as one of the best new drill music tunes to have come out of the London music scene. His YouTube videos have likewise gathered thousands of views and he has found himself becoming an overnight Instagram influencer, even if accidentally. 

There is hope to be found in dark places, and London KOTC delivers it. That’s where the future of drill music is. He has tapped into something huge.

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