Purple Miami is Growing Into His Own

Purple Miami has been building up his name through hard work and great music since 2017. On his journey, he’s been able to meet so many incredible people. From Marshmello to DJ Khalid, Purple Miami has surrounded himself with great people and great music. By keeping these connections, his growth is immense, and it’s on full display in every track he releases.

Using that, Purple Miami has a huge leg up on others. His creative process pushes to create the best music possible, and he strives to make his music memorable. “I want them to feel the energy in the music,” Purple Miami says, “as if it were a soundtrack to their life.” With that kind of mentality, he’s been able to captivate a huge audience by himself and continues to push himself.

For him, the music carries so much meaning. He ends his days making music and wakes up thinking about it. The endless amount of determination for the music he creates is truly magical. With his most recent release, Not With You, you can hear how much the music means to him. Be sure to be on the lookout for future releases from him.

Check out the new music below and follow him on instagram here!

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